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If you have chosen to become a pilot then consider yourself lucky. There’s a rising demand for new pilots today as the airline industry continues to experience global shortages in the number of certified pilots. According to Boeing’s own reports, regional and international airports will need to fill around 212,000 new pilot positions over the next 20 years in North America alone. Which means you have abundant opportunities to get your dream job.

With VT AAA, you can take advantage of this demand and obtain your commercial pilot’s license in two years. In addition, we will offer you financial assistance and scholarship programs to make flight training affordable and accessible. And once you complete our Professional Pilot Pathway, we guarantee you a flight instructor’s job at our school; helping you reach the mandatory flight hours you need to become a commercially licensed pilot even faster.

Pilot Outlook by Region Map

Today the aviation industry is facing a huge challenge – a shortage of new pilots from across the globe. And each year the active number of pilots is declining substantially. Analysis shows that the civil aviation industry will require more than 260, 000 new pilots over the next decade. These combined challenges will drive the demand for about 27, 000 new pilots as of the end of 2021.