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There’s no shortcut to becoming a pilot. Every individual who’s aspiring to become a pilot has to go through a rigorous yet rewarding process. We here at VT AAA ensure that you get best-in-class training and lessons along with hands-on experience to finally take you where you belong - the sky.

Our Professional Pathway Program is a total immersive training from day one where you can graduate in 12-15 months (from zero time), earn your commercial multi-engine pilot certificate along with certified flight instructor certificates. VT AAA will guide you to become a fully licensed airline pilot in little as two years – fly for regional and major airlines. After completion, we also guarantee all the graduates a job interview as a flight instructor.

— Private through Commercial Multi-Engine plus CFI
— Airline-Oriented Training from Day One for all career paths
— Pilot Recruiting Events During Training

Professional Training Course Includes:

  • — Private Pilot License
  • — Instrument Rating
  • — Commercial Single and Multi-Engine
  • — Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating
  • — 255 Hours Logged Flight Time
    1. • 240 Hours Single-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
      • 15 Hours Multi-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
  • — All Classroom & Individual Ground Instruction
  • — Aircraft Manuals, Training Syllabus & Checklists
  • — All Pre- and Post-Flight Briefings

CFI Program

After graduation students are guaranteed an interview as a flight instructor with VT AAA. Successful candidates that begin work as a CFI for VT AAA can expect a competitive salary, benefits, and the ability to build their flight hours quickly.

*Guaranteed Job Interview Eligibility

Our graduates (and all CFI candidates) must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a guaranteed interview:

    • Demonstrate professionalism, adherence to all SOP’s, and demonstrate the highest safety standards at all times.
    • Attend all scheduled training events on time and meet knowledge test deadlines
    • No checkride failures
    • Possess a clean background check of a minimum of ten years as required for any airline position

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