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At VT AAA, we make the process of becoming a professional pilot a very seamless one and help you start your next phase in your aviation career. We have partnered with numerous regional airlines in order to help our students and certified instructors get additional flight experience. Working for a regional airline will allow you to streamline your career path towards becoming a captain for a major airline.

We have forged strong partnerships with regional airlines to help you advance in your career. Our graduates have benefited from this and transitioned smoothly to the next phase in their careers. With VT AAA, you can be assured that you have a bright future ahead.


Wingman Pipeline Program – This program provides promising pilots currently enrolled in a professional airline training program, such as the Professional Pilot Pathway at Aviation Academy of America, an internship at GoJet while they build flight time. Program participants become GoJet First Officers upon completion of ATP minimums. Interns will receive a GoJet Airlines’ non-crew company badge and will have the opportunity to represent GoJet on their campus and at other recruiting events.

Other Regional Airlines:

  • — Endeavor Air
  • — Envoy Air
  • — Mesa Airlines
  • — Piedmont Airlines
  • — PSA Airlines
  • — Republic Airways
  • — SkyWest Airlines