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Introduce yourself to new experiences and fuel your passion and determination to be the best in the industry. Engage with the learned and build your network by participating in our events. Or book a Discovery Flight with us to learn what flying is all about.


New Braunfels and Houston

Aviation Academy of America starts new cohorts of the Professional Pilot Pathway students on the first Monday of each month. Class starts include student orientation, student materials and uniforms, and being introduced to your instructor.

The dates for the 2021 class starts are:

  • — January 4
  • — February 1
  • — March 1
  • — April 5
  • — May 3
  • — June 7
  • — July 5
  • — August 2
  • — September 7 (Tuesday)
  • — October 4
  • — November 1
  • — December 6
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    Current News & Events

    Curious about what’s happing at VT AAA? Here at VT AAA, we strive to evolve and help aspirants broaden their minds by educating them on everything that has to do with aviation. Our news segment features all the latest news, events, weekly updates, new trends, and lots more related to aviation and life in VT AAA.