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Admission Requirements

Each Student must meet the prerequisites (the “Prerequisites”), detailed below, prior to enrolling in the Program. The Student must

  1. be at least eighteen (18) years of age (or achieve eighteen (18) years of age within six (6) months of execution of this Agreement).
  2. be able to read, understand and communicate in English. The Student’s English proficiencies must meet or exceed any FAA and International Civil Aviation Organization (“ICAO”) requirements.
    1. The ICAO’s minimum English level is Operational Level 4.
    2. The FAA requires the holder of any FAA certificate or applicant for such FAA certificate to be able to communicate in English in a discernible and understandable manner. The FAA has adopted ICAO’s English requirement, thus the Student must meet ICAO Operational Level 4 to qualify for any FAA certificate.
  3. be at least eighteen (18) years of age (or achieve eighteen (18) years of age within six (6) months of execution of this Agreement).
    1. Should a Student enroll in an individual PPL Program, the Student will need a Third-Class Medical Certificate.
    2. Should a Student enroll in a CPL or CFI Program, the Student will need Second-Class Medical Certificate.
    3. Should a Student elect to use Veteran’s Administration related benefits, the Student will need a First-Class Medical Certification.

Program Pricing is an Estimate: The Student acknowledges that the projected completion time of the Program is based upon an individual Student’s performance and abilities. The Student is responsible for and must meet the Minimum Requirements and any external FAA requirements. AAA does not guarantee a Student’s course completion or rate of progress. The Total Estimated Enrollment Cost or any other forecast of a Student’s expected tuition or other cost of enrollment is only an estimate. The successful completion of the Student’s Program requires skills, aptitude, diligence and capacity to accept and apply instruction and criticism. Therefore, the Student may be required to complete additional flight training or lessons, and incur resulting additional costs of attendance associated with additional training or lessons, in order to satisfy the Student’s Program. While the Total Estimated Enrollment Cost may serve as a forecast of a student’s expected, minimum costs, such estimate is not a fixed price.

  1. The Student acknowledges that AAA offers all required FAA knowledge tests and other required practical tests that may be necessary to complete the Student’s Program. Should the Student choose to take any knowledge or other required practical test elsewhere, external to AAA, AAA shall be entitled to retain any fee associated with such test and any flight time fee associated with any practical test. These fees, should they arise, shall be charged against the Student’s tuition account. The Student additionally acknowledges that all flight and ground school instruction are integrated into the Program and may not be completed at any institution other than AAA. The Student acknowledges the Student’s agreement to simultaneously pursue the integrated flight and ground school course of instruction in which the Student has elected to be enrolled.
  2. The Student acknowledges that no AAA employee, agent or other representative has made any representations or warranties to the Student concerning the course time necessary for the Student’s successful completion of the Program.
  3. Upon successful completion of the Program requirements, and following the Student’s achievement of a passing score on his/her FAA written, oral and practical examinations, Student will receive the successfully completed Program’s diploma and/or license qualification.

Funding and Payments: The Student has elected to pay for his/her training in the manner specified within the “Administrative Information” form. Failure to pay the Student’s balance or make a scheduled payment will result in the Student’s account being turned over to a collection agency. Failure to pay the collection agency will result in the account being referred to a credit bureau after ninety (90) days of non-payment.

  1. Pay-as-I-go Deposit: Should the Student have elected for the “Pay-as-I-go” training payment path, the Student must provide a $1,500 deposit to the student account (the “Account”) prior to beginning any flight training and the Student is responsible for ensuring that their Account balance is always maintained at $500 or more. Should a Student’s Account balance fall below this $500 threshold, all of the Student’s schedule flights and any other training will be canceled until the Account balance is in excess of $500.
  2. Fort Morgan State Bank Stipend: Should the Student elect to obtain a Fort Morgan State Bank Skybound student loan, the Student may request additional funds from Fort Morgan State Bank. However, the only funds that will be disbursed directly to the Student are those amounts that are in excess of the Total Estimated Enrollment Cost. The Student must submit a “Stipend Request” form to request additional funds from Fort Morgan State Bank. Stipends are limited to a monthly total of: the total amount of additional funds divided over the length of the program (usually 15-months).

Additional Fees and Expenses: The Student is responsible for the following:

  1. Written test fees. The written test fee are collected by the testing center.
  2. Examiner checkride fees. Examiner fees vary based upon the Designated Pilot Examiner being used. It is the Student’s responsibility to verify a Designated Pilot Examiner’s fees.
  3. Miscellaneous expenses. The Student should expect additional expenses for updated charts, maps, headsets etc.

Termination: AAA shall possess the right, in its sole discretion, to amend, discontinue or otherwise terminate all or any portion of any of the Programs offered pursuant to this Agreement, at any time. Should AAA terminate this Agreement in such a manner, the Student’s enrollment at AAA shall immediately terminate and the Section 9’s Refund policy shall apply. AAA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate this Agreement and the Student’s enrollment in the event the Student violates any of the following: (i) the Aviation Academy of America Code of Conduct; (ii) the Aviation Academy of America Student Communication Policies; (iii) Aviation Academy of America Aircraft Usage Agreement; and (iv) any other policy or procedure as set forth by AAA. Additionally, AAA may, in its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement and the Student’s enrollment should the Student fail to make himself/herself available for any scheduled trainings; the Student demonstrates unsatisfactory progress in the Student’s Program due to a lack of effort or failure to apply himself/herself; the Student’s failure to complete study assignments, consistent tardiness or un-excused absences totaling fourteen (14) or more class periods; failure to operate with the requisite professional decorum required by the aviation industry or other misconduct; any drug or alcohol related incidents; incapacitation or inability to maintain a FAA Medical certificate; violations of FAA or AAA regulations and safety protocols; failure to make timely payments to AAA as requested or required; or if AAA, in its sole discretion, considers the Student’s competencies, capacity, aptitude or character unsuitable for further Program training, including, without limitation, the Student’s involvement in any criminal proceeding. Should AAA elect to terminate this Agreement for any of the reasons posed within this Section 8, or should the Student elect to voluntarily withdraw from the Program at any time, the provisions of AAA’s refund policy stated within Section 9 shall control. In the event that the student violates any FAA regulation, flight instructor direction, or AAA policy while on the premises or using any AAA-supplied equipment, AAA, in its sole discretion, may terminate the Student’s enrollment immediately with no refund. Such termination of the flight training at AAA’s sole discretion shall also include acts of gross negligence or willful misconduct, or any acts or omissions, whether intentional or not, that causes property damage, injury, or death, or creates the possibility thereof

Cancelation of Training and Refund Policy: Following the initiation of the Program, the Student may choose to cancel or discontinue their Program enrollment and may be entitled to a refund of funds within the Account (the “Refund”). In order to receive such refund, the Student must comply with all Refund policies of this Section 9. The fees, procedures and policies listed within this Section 9 are subject to change, at any time, by AAA.

  1. Fort Morgan State Bank
    1. All activities completed or charged will be recalculated at current retail rates and the difference reconciled on the account.
    2. Student will forfeit any VT-AAA scholarships or enrollment incentives.
    3. Student will forfeit the corporate guarantee (10% of loan amount) placed on their loan by VT-AAA per Fort Morgan State Bank policy.
    4. Administrative Fee charged: $500
  2. Pay-In-Full Payments including Wells Fargo and Meritize Loan Programs
    1. All activities completed or charged will be recalculated at current retail rates and the difference reconciled on the account.
    2. Student will forfeit any VT-AAA scholarships or enrollment incentives.
    3. Administrative Fees charged:
      1. Before first license/rating completed: $4000
      2. If first license/rating completed: $3500
      3. If second license/rating completed: $3000
      4. If third license/rating completed: $2500
  3. Pay as you Go
    1. All activities completed or charged will be recalculated at current retail rates and the difference reconciled on the account.
    2. Student will forfeit any VT-AAA scholarships or enrollment incentives.
    3. Administrative Fee charged: $500
  4. How to Request a Refund: The following steps are required for a Student to initiate a Refund:
    1. The Student must first submit a Student Refund Request Form. This request may be requested from the Chief Pilot or Administrative Staff either by phone or email.
    2. Once initiated and prior to any formal cancellation or termination acknowledgement by AAA, the Student must meet with AAA’s Chief Pilot and Business Manager to discuss the Student’s reasons for withdrawal.
    3. The Refund pertains to the estimated tuition charges assessed at the beginning of training. The Student will be charged for the amount of training hours completed through his/hers last day of recorded attendance and materials received during his/hers training.
    4. AAA’s Refund process may take anywhere from sixty (60) to ninety (90) days to complete.
  5. Withdraw Without Penalty: Should a Student request a Refund within three (3) business days of their execution of this Enrollment Agreement, the Student is entitled to a Refund equivalent to the total amount of all monies then paid or deposited to AAA, so long as the Student has not completed any AAA lessons or trainings. Should a Student request a refund following the three (3) business day period specified above, but prior to the completion of any AAA lessons or trainings, the Student requesting such refund is entitled to a Refund equivalent to the total amount of all monies then paid or deposited to AAA, minus an administrative fee of five hundred U.S. dollars ($500.00).

Miscellaneous: Should any conflict or inconsistencies arise between the terms of this Agreement and any of the Exhibits to this Agreement, this Agreement’s terms shall supersede and control. No employee, agent or other representative of AAA may modify, amend or otherwise alter the terms of this Agreement without the formal written approval of the Chief Executive Office of the Vaayu Group (the “AAA Representative”). Any modifications, amendments or alterations to this Agreement without the formal approval of the AAA Representative shall be invalid. Student may not assign this Agreement to any other person or party. This Agreement and all related documents, including all Exhibits attached hereto, and all matters arising out of or relating to this Agreement, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Texas without giving effect to the conflict of law provisions thereof. Any action or proceeding relating to this Agreement or its enforcement shall be commenced and heard only in the state courts of Comal County, TX or the United States District Court of the Western District of Texas. This Agreement, together with Exhibits A through E listed below, as well as any other terms AAA may, at any time, provide to Student, contains the entire agreement of AAA and the Student relating to the Student’s Program enrollment and supersedes all previous and contemporaneous agreements, understandings, usages of trade, and courses of dealing, whether written or oral. The following exhibits, attached hereto, are incorporated into this Agreement by reference:

Exhibit A Aviation Academy of America Code of Conduct
Exhibit B Aviation Academy of America Student Communication Policies
Exhibit C Aviation Academy of America Aircraft Usage Agreement
Exhibit D Aviation Academy of America Liability Release, Covenant Not to Sue and Assumption of Risk
Exhibit E Current Aircraft/Training Hourly Rates

Aviation Academy of America Code of Conduct

The Aviation Academy of America (“AAA”) has designed this Code of Conduct (the “Code”) to assist you, the Student, in understanding the principles and standards that govern the conduct of AAA’s business. High standards of integrity are essential to the Student’s success and the continued success of AAA’s business. The Student has an obligation to maintain ethical conduct and professional standards. It is AAA’s policy that all Students observe the spirit and letter of all laws and policies governing AAA’s operations, and conduct their affairs in keeping with the highest legal and ethical standards.

Section 1

Introduction. The policies set forth in this Code may not cover every situation. If the Student is in doubt as to the proper course of action in any specific situation, the Student shall consult with AAA’s Chief Pilot. AAA expects all Students to comply with this Code and to conduct him/herself in a professional manner, at all times. Should any Student fail to comply with this Code, the Student may face severe consequences, including expulsion from any Program the Student may be enrolled within. AAA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the Student’s enrollment, in the event the Student violates any of the policies set forth in this Code, the Enrollment Agreement or any other Exhibit to the Enrollment Agreement. In the event AAA expels or terminates the enrollment of the Student, the Refund policies provided within the Enrollment Agreement will control.

Section 2

Unethical and Unprofessional Actions. The following actions are considered unethical and unprofessional, will not be tolerated by AAA and may result in the Student’s expulsion or termination of the Student’s Enrollment Agreement:

  1. Cheating in any way or form, including giving or receiving help from unauthorized persons or materials during examinations; the unauthorized communication of exam questions prior to, during or following administration of the examination; help on exams; fraud or deceit which include knowingly providing false or misleading information; or failing to provide appropriate information when requested
  2. Plagiarism, which includes presenting as one’s own ideas the words, or work of another; or providing use of a source for completing academic assignments without properly acknowledging or properly citing the source.
  3. Unauthorized use or tampering with academic records or transcripts.
  4. Altering, forging, destroying, falsifying or the unauthorized use of any AAA document, record, or ID. This includes the use of AAA’s logo, stationery, business cards or any other documents that AAA utilizes.
  5. Intentional violation of any FAA regulations.
  6. If a student loan funded Student requests a cash disbursement and uses those funds to pay for flight training at another flight school, the student will be immediately dismissed from the Program, the student's account will be refunded per the Refund Policy of the Enrollment Agreement and the Student’s Enrollment Agreement will be terminated.
  7. If the Student does not follow all safety and equipment standards as provided or posted by AAA or any AAA personnel.
Section 3

Undesirable Conduct. Undesirable Conduct is defined as any conduct which compromises or poses a risk of threat or danger to the safety, health or property of AAA, including but not restricted to other students, staff, the Student him/herself, or conduct which is disruptive of the educational process or any other just case.

Section 4

Preparedness Policy: The Student must arrive well-prepared for each lesson. Well-prepared shall mean that the Student arrives to each class or training session with all assignments completed, all homework completed, and otherwise ready for scheduled flights

Section 5

Lesson No-Show/Late Cancellation Policy: AAA reserves the right to impose a $250 charge per flight lesson or $50 charge per ground school lesson, for each lesson the student is a “no-show” or cancels a lesson with insufficient advance notice, arrives late, or arrives unprepared. AAA considers adequate advance notice to be at least twenty-four (24) hours before any lesson’s scheduled start time. Cross-country flights scheduled by AAA’s Flight Operations require the same twenty-four (24) hour advance notice of any lesson cancellation. If the Student is scheduled for a simulator lesson or flight, and weather or maintenance become a factor preventing such lesson or flight, the Student is still expected to arrive on-time for training. Any decision to cancel a lesson or flight is in the AAA instructor’s sole discretion. Such instructor shall decide the appropriate course of action in such situation, which may include substituting the planned lesson with another lesson more suitable to the conditions.

Section 6

Substance Abuse: AAA is committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive educational environment. Consistent with this commitment, all AAA facilities, equipment and campuses (“AAA Premises”) are drug and alcohol-free spaces. Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs (as classified under federal state or local laws) while on AAA Premises poses serious health and safety risks to AAA personnel, other students and potentially others, and will not be tolerated by AAA. Should the Student be found in violation of this Section 6, AAA reserves the right to immediately terminate the Student’s program enrollment and Enrollment Agreement.

Section 7

Inquiries and Violations of this Code: The Student shall report to Chief Pilot at AAA any information or activity which violates, or which may violate, this Code. If the Student is in doubt as to whether there is an issue or about the proper course of action, the Student should consult the Chief Pilot. However, if you are not comfortable speaking with the Chief Pilot or are not satisfied with such individual’s response, you should contact the Business Manager.

Aviation Academy of America Student Communication Policies

Aviation Academy of America (“AAA”) is responsible for protecting its computer and telephone systems from unauthorized access and/or abuse, while at the same time making them accessible to authorized and legitimate users. This responsibility includes informing users of expected standards of conduct, and the consequences for not adhering to such standards of conduct.

Section 1

Definitions: For purposes of this policy, “Computer Systems” shall refer to all devices connected to AAA’s computer network, either from within AAA’s offices or via remote access (Citrix, etc.), to include: PC workstations, laptop computers, loaner devices for remote use, printers, scanners, multi-function machines (copier/scanner/printer), and all other peripheral devices (monitors, keyboards, pointing devices, etc.). “E-mail” will refer to the sending or receiving of internal (within AAA users) or external messages and attachments, while the term “Internet” will refer to browsing or connecting to the Internet through AAA computer systems, either from inside AAA offices, or via remote access.

Section 2

E-mail and Voicemail Policy:

  1. Students shall communicate all scheduling needs and questions during normal business operating hours, which shall be Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, local time, in person, by email, or by calling the Flight Operations Department that serves the Student’s campus. If the Student cannot reach their campus’ Flight Operations Department, the Student should place a call to the Student’s campus’ Administration Office. Should the Student leave a voicemail, it is requested that such voicemail message is provided via the appropriate extension. If the appropriate extension does not permit the Student to leave a voicemail, then the student may utilize the mainline extension for leaving a message. Each Student voicemail shall contain the Student’s name, the date and time of the voicemail, the Student’s campus, CFI name or name of the person attempting to be reached, and a brief message detailing the Student’s reason for contacting the Flight Operations Department or Administration Office.
  2. The AAA provides internal and external e-mail and voicemail facilities to employees for business purposes. You should be aware that whenever you send e-mail, your name, the AAA name, and location are included in each e-mail message. Therefore, all e-mail users should exercise good judgment and common sense when creating and distributing e-mail messages. The AAA specifically prohibits the sending of harassing, threatening, obscene, inappropriate or other objectionable messages via e-mail or voicemail to anyone. Further, you should be aware that there is no guaranty of privacy with an e-mail or voicemail message, and that the AAA reserves the right to access all aspects of employees’ e-mail and/or voicemail at any time for any reason without notice to the employee.
  3. Students are advised while an AAA instructor or other staff member may give his/her personal cell phone number to a student, AAA does not endorse or require this practice. As such, all students shall limit the use of any instructor or stall personal cell phone number to EMERGENCY use only, and such use shall be limited to AAA’s normal business hours, unless an immediate EMERGENCY has occurred before/after normal business hours. Should an EMERGENCY occur outside of AAA’s normal business hours, the Student is permitted to contact an AAA instructor or other staff member without violating AAA’s Student Communication Policies. Further, the Student shall not, under any circumstances, send and Short Message Service or other form of text message to any AAA instructor or other staff member which does not relate to the Student’s Program, which includes, but is not limited to, any instruction, flights or scheduling.
  4. The Student’s primary form of communication with any AAA instructor or other staff member shall be through the use of AAA’s official, campus phone numbers, at that particular Student’s respective campus. Should the Student be forced to leave a voicemail, such voicemail shall include the information referenced within the first paragraph of these Policies. Alternatively, the Student is welcome to couple the phone message with a detailed email to their respective CFI and or staff member as a backup form of communication. AAA instructors or other staff members are expected to return calls, voicemails and emails within one (1) business day of receipt. This time frame permits the AAA instructor or other staff member the necessary time to secure proper answers and/or solutions for the student's questions or concerns, while minimizing scheduling conflicts. This policy assures that all students are respectful of each other student or AAA instructor or other staff member’s time and schedule while on campus, in the hangar or the corporate offices.
Section 3

Internet Policy: As a user of AAA’s network and computer system, you may be authorized to access the Internet. You should be aware that every Internet site you visit may be capable of determining who you are, and who you represent (i.e., AAA). Accordingly, access to the Internet should include the use of good judgment, common sense, and careful discretion. While AAA does not prohibit reasonable personal use of the Internet, sites visited and time spent on those sites must be consistent with AAA related needs. In general, Internet access should be limited to AAA business only.

  1. At no time shall a Student:
    1. Visit game or adult sites.
    2. Use AAA’s computer systems in attempts to gain unauthorized illegal access to non-AAA systems.
    3. Download any programs, data, or other material not directly related to AAA’s purposes, including, but not limited to music or other entertainment or non-educational related materials, except as expressly approved by AAA.
    4. Use the Internet or any of AAA’s computer systems in violation of any third party’s copyright or other intellectual property rights.
Section 4

Violations of these Policies: Should the Student abuse, neglect or otherwise violate any of the communication etiquette listed above with, but not limited to, behavior such as repeated calls, emails and text messages to AAA instructors or other staff members, or abuse of AAA’s Internet network will not be tolerated. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action ranging from a formal warning to termination of the Student’s enrollment at AAA. The Student is responsible for respecting and adhering to local, state, federal and international laws related to the access and use of AAA’s computer systems, software and telephone communications systems. AAA will cooperate fully with appropriate authorities to provide information related to actual or suspected activity not consistent with the law.

  1. Please note that AAA reserves the right to monitor use of all of its electronic communications systems. No user of these systems should assume that the nature or content of such communications will be considered private, personal information.
  2. The Student’s first violation of these policies shall result in a written warning and reminder to review these Policies. Continued violations of these Policies shall result in formal counseling and retraining of the Student with regard to these Policies. Should the Student continue to violate these Policies following any formal counseling or retraining, AAA reserves the right to terminate the Student’s Enrollment Agreement and affiliation with AAA. Should AAA result to such method of termination, due to a Student’s continued violations of these policies, the Student will be entitled to a refund, as provided within the Student’s Enrollment Agreement.

Aviation Academy of America Aircraft Usage Agreement

The Student is responsible for the safe and conscientious operation of all Aviation Academy of America (“AAA”) owned, leased or otherwise controlled airplanes or other machines capable of flight (the “Aircraft”) until it is returned and securely tied down at an AAA facility. The aircraft rental policies and conditions provided below apply to each Aircraft interaction the Student experiences during his/her self-selected program.

I, ___________________________ (the “Student”), agree to the following:

  1. To operate all AAA Aircraft in accordance with all applicable FAA and AAA regulations.
  2. Not to use Aircraft for flight instruction to any individual, unless I am an authorized AAA Instructor on an approved dual training flight.
  3. To land only at FAA designated airports that are safe and suitable under the then-current prevailing conditions.
  4. Not to authorize or allow any other person, other than my flight instructor, to operate or handle the Aircraft.
  5. To inform AAA if I am unable to return the aircraft at the originally agreed upon time for any reason.
  6. To report all Aircraft related accidents or incidents, major or minor, to AAA at once, together with the names and addresses of witnesses and any involved parties. In the event of an accident or incident, I will not permit the aircraft to be moved from the scene of such accident or incident unless expressly authorized by AAA’s management team or any local, state or federal authorities, and will do all that I can to protect the aircraft and its equipment from further loss.
  7. To accept the Aircraft’s Hobbs meter readings for all billing purposes. If no Hobbs meter is installed, the tachometer will be used and that lesson or training session’s Aircraft flight time will be computed at 1.2 times the tachometer displayed time. Should the starting time be recorded incorrectly, I must bring this to the attention of the flight operations department before starting the flight.
  8. To obtain weather reports and forecasts, to file FAA flight plans for all cross-country flights and to use the aircraft only for the specific lesson or training session’s purpose and over the pre-planned flight route specified.
  9. Should fuel need to be purchase for the Aircraft, I will have the charges placed on the aircrafts AVCARD. I understand all Aircraft-related purchases must be documented with an original receipt and submitted to the Chief Pilot at the time the Aircraft is returned.
  10. To assure that the Aircraft is securely tied down in the Aircraft’s proper area, with master and ignition switches off, control locks installed, and all doors closed.
  11. To remain current in each aircraft I fly in accordance with the FAR’s and to have a recheck if I have not flown an Aviation Academy of America aircraft within the preceding 30 days.
  12. To accept and abide by AAA’s current Lesson No-Show/Late Cancellation Policy, which is provided as Section 5 of the AAA Code of Conduct.
  13. Not to perform or authorize any repairs or adjustments, nor make any purchases in relation to the Aircraft, without authorization from AAA’s General Manager or Chief pilot.
  14. To accept liability for any damage done to the Aircraft while in my possession.
  15. Not to smoke, eat or drink in the Aircraft. Students may drink water in the Aircraft, but no other beverages are allowed.
  16. To provide all necessary personal identification as requested by the flight desk including, but not limited to: driver’s license, passport, pilot’s license, medical records and any applicable visas.
  17. To be subject to a background check and to pay any associated fees, as required by the FAA.
  18. To maintain Aircraft security and cleanliness by abiding by AAA’s pre- and post-flight checklist (i.e.: electrical switches, fuel selector value, control-lock, proper tie-down, locking all doors and installing pitot tube cover and removing all trash from the flight deck after each flight). If found in violation of AAA’s security and cleanliness policy, I agree to pay a $100.00 security and cleaning fee.

Aviation Academy of America Liability Release, Covenant Not to Sue and Assumption of Risk

I, ______________________________, desire to participate in the Aviation Academy of America’s (“AAA”) flight training. In consideration of enrolling within AAA’s Program, and in recognition of AAA’s reliance hereon I agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in this instrument (this “Release”).

Liability Release: I understand and agree that neither AAA, nor any of AAA’s employees, officers, agents, contractors, affiliates and assigns (collectively, the “Releasees”), may be held liable or responsible in any way for any injury, death, wrongful death or other damages to me, my family, estate, heirs or assigns that may occur as a result of my participation in flying aircraft, flying in aircraft, flight instruction, aircraft rental, aircraft operations, ramp operations, or any associated activities involved with these activities, (hereafter referred to as “Flight Activities”), or as a result of the negligence of any party, including the Releasees, whether passive or active. I hereby expressly waive and release any and all claims now known or hereafter known against AAA and the Releasees, arising out of or attributable to my participation in the Flight Activities, whether arising out of the ordinary negligence of AAA or any Releasees or otherwise.

Assumption of Risk: I hereby affirm that I am aware that flying and activities associated with flying have inherent and unforeseeable risks which may result in serious injury, disability, death, wrongful death and/or property damage, and are considered potentially dangerous activities. I acknowledge that any injuries that I sustain may result from or be compounded by the actions omissions or negligence of AAA. Notwithstanding the risk, I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the Program with knowledge of the danger involved and hereby agree to accept and assume any and all risks of injury, disability, death, wrongful death and/or property damage arising from my participation in the Program, whether caused by the ordinary negligence of AAA or otherwise. In consideration of being allowed to participate in Flight Activities, I hereby personally assume all risks of Flight Activities, whether foreseen or unforeseen, that may befall me while I am participating in these activities

Covenant Not to Sue: I covenant not to make or bring any such claim against AAA or any other Releasee, and forever release and discharge AAA and all other Releasees from liability under such claims. I, further release, exempt, and hold harmless the Released Parties from any claim or lawsuit by me, my family, estate, heirs, or assigns, arising out of my participation in Flight Activities including both claims arising during any course of training or after I receive my pilot certification(s).

I also understand that Flight Activities are physically demanding and that I must seek the ongoing care of a licensed and authorized aviation medical examiner and that I will not hold Released Parties responsible for events resulting from my physical condition, limitations, or incapacitation.

I further state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this liability release or that I have acquired the written consent of my parent or guardian should I not be of lawful age. I understand the terms herein are contractual and not merely recital, and that I have signed this document of my own free act and with the knowledge that I hereby waive my legal rights.

If any term or provision of this Release is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect any other term or provision of this Release or invalidate or render unenforceable such term or provision in any other jurisdiction. This Release is binding on and shall inure to the benefit of AAA and their respective successors and assigns.


Current Aircraft/Training Hourly Rates

Hourly Rate
Part 107 Drone Training/Certification Course $4,000.00
Roof Inspection Course $2,000.00
Thermal / RGB Electro Optical Image Capturing Course $2,000.00
Indoor & Outdoor Confined Space Training $2,500.00
Photogrammetry Course $2,500.00