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VT AAA is the San Antonio, Texas Area flight school delivering the right training for your successful commercial pilot career. We offer accelerated training for airline career path and other professional pilot careers. What makes VT AAA different, you're guaranteed a job working as a flight instructor at VT AAA. While a flight instructor, meet with VT AAA's airline partners from ExpressJet, SkyWest, Republic, Trans States, Compass, and GoJet Airlines to find your fastest path to the major carriers. No Matter where you go, you are prepared to succeed.

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Our team of highly qualified flight instructors is here to help you every step of the way. You'll start the process in one of our San Antonio, Texas area PILOT TRAINING SCHOOLS by having every question answered as we guide you into a career with endless opportunities. Train With Us! Work With Us! Dream with us! Apply today! OR fill out an info request form so our admissions officer can help you with specific questions, schedule a tour or a discovery flight at one of our San Antonio, Texas locations!

How to become a commerCIal pilot

Train with us! Zero hours to Commercial Pilot License and Certified Flight Instructor training in 12 to 15 months. Work with us! VT AAA guarantees students a job at our pilot training school as a Certified Flight Instructor making $32K a year with significant benefits from our San Antonio Area commercial pilot schools. Dream with us! Get flight hours with us and get paid, then interview with one of our airline partners.

Complete Pilot Training to Get You to the Airlines

Our airline partners at ExpressJet, SkyWest, Trans States Airlines, Compass, GoJet, and Republic Airlines want to interview you as soon as you get your Instrument rating. If you've been dreaming of becoming a commercial airline pilot or are looking to pursue any other aviation pilot career, fill out a VT AAA application today to find out how you can enroll in our flight school.

More about VT AAA Flight school two locations in the San Antonio, Texas Area

The San Antonio area flight school is a professional pilot career-focused school, and our training is airline style from day one! We offer many options for financing, and you can apply to receive 100% program financing!

Due to export compliance laws and regulations, some countries might have a ban or require a license that might affect training. Please consult with our legal department for more information