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September 9
October 7
October 14 - Houston's First Class!
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Main Number (844) 584-7134
San Antonio area Locations
1806 Entrance Drive, New Braunfels, TX
West Houston (Opening October 2019)
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Professional Pilot Program (US residents)

Zero Experience to Commercial Pilot in 12 to 15 months and Certified Flight Instructor Job! Aviation Academy of America has bundled all of our individual FAA part 141 approved training programs into 1 package for students.  Students who choose the full package are eligible for tuition discounts, scholarships, and a guaranteed instructor position upon graduation.

VT AAA is your airline and other commercial pilot career solution from zero time to become an airline pilot in as little as two years flying for regional and major airlines.

  • Private through Commercial Multi-Engine plus CFI
  • Airline-Oriented Training from Day One for all career paths
  • Pilot Recruiting Events During Training
  • Guaranteed Instructor Job* – your best way to Reach Airline Minimums

Flight Training Course Includes

  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Single and Multi-Engine
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating
  • 255 Hours Logged Flight Time
    • 240 Hours Single-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
    • 15 Hours Multi-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
  • All Classroom & Individual Ground Instruction
  • Aircraft Manuals, Training Syllabus & Checklists
  • All Pre- and Post-Flight Briefings

How the Professional Pilot Training Package works:

  1. With airline-oriented, total immersion training from day one, you should graduate from VT AAA’s Professional Pilot Training Package in 12-15 months (from zero time), earning your Commercial Multi-Engine pilot certificate with Certified Flight Instructor certificates.
  2. After graduating the program, you receive a guaranteed Flight Instructor job* with Aviation Academy of America, where you can earn up to $54,000 annually AND gain the necessary flight experience to reach airline hiring minimums of 1500 hours.
  3. After approximately 12 – 18 months as a flight instructor, you will have logged enough flight time to meet airline hiring minimums and ready to take the next step in your professional pilot career.

Call VT AAA to learn more at 830-423-4664 or email Scott at

*Guaranteed Job Eligibility
Our graduates (and all CFI candidates) must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for a guaranteed instructor:
Demonstrate professionalism, adherence to all SOP’s, and demonstrate the highest safety standards at all times.
Attend all scheduled training events on time and meet knowledge test deadlines
Fail no more than one checkride (two or more checkride failures will prevent your eligibility for guaranteed instructor job)
Posses a clean background check of a minimum of ten years as required for any airline position”