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State of the Art Technology

Pilot training fleet

State of the Art Technology in Pilot training fleet

Single engine primary Trainers

Our C-172 family has been the most popular choice for VFR and IFR training. (VFR= Visual Flight Rules and IFR=Instrument Flight Rules)

Complex single engine Trainers PA-28R

Our Piper Arrows are one of our most popular aircraft for sophisticated training. This plane’s cruise speed is around 130 to 143 knots and consumes on average from nine to twelve gallons per hours. It is one of the roomiest aircraft in our fleet and has a useful load of around 1,200 pounds.

Complex Multi-engine Trainers PA-44R

Our Piper Seminoles are our primary aircraft for multi-engine flight training. They have a cruising speed of 155 KTS, and with its right-hand engine being a Lycoming LO-360-E1A6D variant, this feature makes the aircraft more controllable if an engine would need to be shut down. This feature also makes this plane an excellent choice for emergency training. With its glass cockpit and retractable gear, it’s one of the most versatile in A Texas Aviation Academy.

Large Fleet of planes for VT AAA Flight School

VT AAA General Manager

says about our Fleet

" We've updated our fleet with the Garmin 1000/500 glass panel technology! We also have tracking using the Spider Tracks technology. Our goal is to have you train from day one with SOP of the airlines and our planes are equiped with that in mind."