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Pilot Training Facilities

 Pilot School South Texas Area

The different locations are perfect for the serious full-time student who wants to expedite their professional pilot career.



The airline structured classroom teaching includes the Redbird FAA approved flight simulators with three axis motion, single and multi-engine instrumentation along with flat full glass display.

The fleet of planes all have the Garmin navigation and spider tracks technology. FLEET



With up-to-date tools and techniques used by experienced flight instructors VT AAA provides the right type of classroom for both US and international students who want to pursue their dream of flying as a career.

Flight Simulations

The MCX is perfect for flight schools focused on Ab-Initio pilot training, CFI/CFII, and CRM training.

The dual controls of the MCX allow an instructor, instructor-in-training, or co-pilot to perform maneuvers from the right seat. During initial pilot training, an instructor can demonstrate maneuvers from the right seat before the student tries their hand, just like you would do in the real airplane. For advanced training, the MCX provides a platform where crew training can be perfected.

Our MCX simulator is re-configurable and allows students to train for in a single or multi-engine configuration. Our simulator consists of realistic flight controls, a complete terrain and airport database, interchangeable cockpits and it is certified by the FAA.C-172 have been proven to be the number one trainer year after year. Its affordability, inherent stability, high visibility and glass cockpit make this our most popular trainer for single engine ratings.


single engine primary trainers
complex single engine

Our C-172 family has been the most popular choice for VFR and IFR training.

Our Piper Arrows are one of our most popular aircraft for sophisticated training.

This plane’s cruise speed is around 130 to 143 knots and consumes on average from nine to twelve gallons per hours. It is one of the roomiest aircraft in our fleet and has a useful load of around 1,200 pounds.

Our Piper Seminoles are our primary aircraft for multi-engine flight training.

They have a cruising speed of 155 KTS and with its right-hand engine being a Lycoming LO-360-E1A6D variant, this feature eliminates the critical engine and makes the aircraft more controllable if an engine would need to be shut down. This feature also makes this plane an excellent choice for emergency training. With its glass cockpit and retractable gear, these aircraft make our fleet one of the most versatile in South Texas.

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