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Pilot Job Connections Partners


VT AAA helps students with interview placement at regional airlines, cargo airlines, and charter/corporate airlines.

Let VT AAA build a bridge for your future professional pilot career! Contact us here for more information. Ask how you can participate.

Hiring Partners

  • Regional airlines
  • Cargo airlines
  • Corporations

Our partners offer many other opportunities to help you become a PROFESSIONAL CAREER PILOT while still training with us. Here are some examples of benefits and perks from our bridge partners.

  • Interviews scheduled once you start your CFI job at VT AAA.
  • Internships – ask for more information
  • Once you’re committed to a future position, industry perks start right away.
  • Once you’re employed by the regional airlines you can expect some tuition reimbursement or sign on bonuses.


Not only will we train you for your future pilot jobs, but we also kick off your career. Start training with AAA to become one of our certified flight instructors. This enables the next step, an industry alliance interview!

AAA has many bridge agreements that include interviewing our students once they have 750 to 1250 flight hours as a CFI with VT AAA.  Plus, we help set up the interview for you.

These two stepping stones on the path to a great professional pilot career are important, so be sure to call us today to apply or for more information.

We offer career guidance to develop your relationship with the best partner for you and your career goals.

Whether you have zero hours or a few hours, we have a program that fits your needs.  Call our admission advisors for help. 830.423.4664 or


A few of our Partners

Future pilot job connnections
Future pilot job connnections
Future pilot job connnections