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Our Flight Instructors

Our difference is simple! VT AAA flight instructors are career pilots with the right mix of career instructors, new and experienced with a wide range of types of flying including airline pilots with many hours of flying.

Many VT AAA Senior Level Flight Instructors have many years instructing future pilots.  They know what piloting at regional airlines, national carriers and on corporate planes is like because they’ve all experienced it.  Their past positions include airline first officers, captains, and instructors. With this great experience, they’ll be able to help you become the best professional pilot no matter where your dreams take you.



Flight Instructors


Tim Hitchcock, Flight Instructor

Having gone to a WWI airshow at the age of seven, Tim Hitchcock has not stopped “looking up,” whenever a plane has flown overhead since. While still single and with some cash available in his early 20s, Tim actively pursued the dream of flying.

Tim has been a flight instructor, a cargo pilot, and a regional airline pilot. He has 6,000 hours total time. He has 3,700 hours in the CRJ (both left and right seats,) 1,000 hours in the AC-500 and 1,300 hours in various single-engine Cessnas and twin-engine Pipers. He is certificated as an ATP and an Instructor, with Airplane, Instrument and Multi-Engine privileges. He looks forward to a seaplane rating and aerobatics.

He married his “Texas Belle” in 1997. They are raising seven children. They have resided in East TX, Northern KY, Northeastern OH, and until recently Southwestern CO. Mostly; he enjoys being with his wife and children, watching movies, playing games, reading books, and periodically going skiing and hunting.

Gordon Landale, Flight Instructor

Gordon is a career Army Officer with over 26 years of service, 17 of which were in Special Forces.   Gordon was able to turn his passion for aviation into a post-military career.  Having earned his CFI certificate through us using his GI Bill benefits, he has been working as an instructor ever since.  He has flown all across the country in a variety of aviation opportunities including flying for Law Enforcement and as a sightseeing aerial tour pilot.  His aim is to continue to have fun while flying and train safe, competent pilots using his experiences to help bridge the gap between training and real-world application for his students. “To me, flying is the ultimate combination of freedom and responsibility.  As others have done for me, I hope I get the opportunity to share my passion with you as your CFI”.

Carlton Meanweather, Flight Instructor

Originally from Mangilao, Guam. during his childhood he was constantly watching planes takeoff which motivated him to pursue a career in aviation. After graduating High School, he joined the United States Air Force and served for 6 years as a cyber transport technician with the 48th Intelligence Squadron based at Beale AFB, California. After meeting many amazing people and supporting an important mission, he left the Air Force and started his flight training with ATP in Georgetown, Texas and attained his CFI, CFII, and MEI certificates. He started his flight instructor career with VTAAA in September of 2018 and he enjoys sharing his passion for aviation with each of the students he meets. He enjoys working hard for his students success and he looks forward to meeting more individuals passionate about aviation.

Jason Crane, Flight Instructor

Jason began his aviation career as a Warrant Officer in the US Army in 2008 where he trained on Bell 206’s and flew UH-60’s on active duty for 8 years, 4 of those years as a test pilot.  His experience includes everything from flying generals and government officials to air assault missions with Special Operations Forces overseas.  He served as flight lead and Air Mission Commander during 2 tours in Afghanistan. He flew in some of the most rigorous and demanding environments both in the national airspace and overseas, to include high altitude mountain flying in the Colorado Rockies and search & rescue in Alaska.  Upon leaving active duty he transitioned to the CH-47 in the Army Reserves.  In 2017, he decided to start flying airplanes.  He earned his commercial airplane add-on and CFI rating right here at VT-AAA, and started work two days later.  His goal is to not only set his students up to be successful during their tenure at AAA, but to develop them to be successful, professional pilots for the duration of their career.

Flight School Staff


Paul Woessner, General Manager

Paul first became licensed as a Commercial Pilot in 1972 and now has over 6,000 total flight hours. Paul is rated to fly Hot Air Balloons, Helium Balloons, Hot Air Airships, Helium Airships, powered parachutes, and airplanes. In 1975, Paul became the first man to fly a hot air balloon over Lake Michigan. In 1977, he won his first World Hot Air Balloon Championships and repeated that feat again in 1979. In 1990, Paul set 16 World and National records in airships for speed and altitude. In 1993 as President of Vintage Airways Paul launched a boutique charter airline operating a pair of DC3’s from Orlando to Key West, Florida for Richard Branson. Paul manages our team of senior level flight instructors with our Cheif Pilot, Yusuke Kusajima.

In 2000, Paul was recruited by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as Executive Director overseeing all non-degree seeking pilot and mechanic training. While at Embry-Riddle, Paul was responsible for creating an innovative pilot selection process and launching a new state-of-the-art training program taking zero time pilots from small aircraft training to Captain level type rating of category transport airliners.

In 2006, Paul was recruited by Boeing to lead the development, launch, and deployment of the world’s first Multi-crew Pilot License program in Australia. In 2010, Paul was hired for a role as Senior Vice President of Delta Connection Academy (later became Aerosim Flight Academy). In 2014, Paul joined ATP Flight Schools in Jacksonville Florida as their Director of International Business Development. Most recently Paul was recruited by ST Aerospace Academy where he serves as General Manager for its newest acquisition Aviation Academy of America.

Paul been married to his wonderful wife of 35 years and they have two adult sons and two grand-babies!  He is an avid offshore saltwater fisherman, ride motorcycles, snow ski.

Neo Aik Sia Safety and Quality 

Neo started his pilot career with the Singapore Air Force. He was a leader and manager in operational, special operations and training squadrons. His management experience includes strategic planning, operational development, aircraft procurement, human resource, flight training, safety and accident prevention. Neo was a safety and human resource instructor at the Air Force Academy, lecturer and manager at the Armed Forces’ Senior Command and Staff College. After Air Force retirement, he ventured into the commercial world as an entrepreneur, business owner, commercial air ambulance pilot, financial trader and an investment advisor with Coldwell Banker Commercial, USA.

Neo started flying while in high school and obtained his private flying license before joining the Air Force. His Air Force experience include squadron commander (two operational squadrons and a flight school), flight examiner, flight instructor and maintenance test pilot as well as an operational planner and pilot with the US 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Neo has a FAA Airline Transport Pilot License and a FAA Advanced Ground School Instructor Certificate.