Class Starts dates May 1, June 5, August 1, & September 5


International Professional Pilot Training

Must have U.S. citizen or able to show proof of TSA Flight training approval and visa to train in the U.S.

Aviation Academy of America Professional Pilot Self Sponsored program 

The AAA self-sponsored  FAA 141 program provides Commercial pilot license either starting from zero or anywhere the need to start to finish their training.


FAA Commercial pilot license with Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Course

Fixed cost is $54,995** from zero through Commercial with IR and ME 

  • Private Single & Instrument rating
  • Commercial Multi & Instrument rating

245 Hours Logged Flight Time FAA program toward min

  • 170 Hours Single-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
  • 35 Hours Multi-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
  • 40 Hours Simulator (FTD)
  • All Classroom & Individual Ground Instruction included
  • All Pre- and Post-Flight Briefings included
  • Aircraft Manuals, Training Syllabus & CheckFlights ( not included in the fixed price but are paid directly by the students)
  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is $4,500 and is paid once the student and instructors have decided the student is ready for this training. (not part of the fixed price and 5.6 hours)

**During flight training, many variables can have an effect on total training time required to achieve proficiency. Therefore, all students are warned to expect that they will likely need additional training above the FAA minimums. For planning purposes, the student should allow up to three months to complete the additional training and should budget a minimum of 10% overfly in addition to the FAA minimums in anticipation of extra training.

More About Your Training

  • VT AAA’s International Professional Pilot Program (IPPP) trains you to gain the most qualifications in the best complex multi-engine aircraft, with the best airline-oriented flight training.
  • Recommended for students who already have an established a relationship with a local flight school in your home country to help you through your conversion training. AAA’s International Professional Pilot Program is the most efficient and “shortest time to train” commercial pilot training you can receive anywhere in the world. The total-immersion training maximizes your knowledge and skill retention.
  • Do you hold a green card and are you interested in working as a flight instructor for AAA?…Call for details!
  • The professional pilot career program is $54,995, plus ground school, and living expenses. (add $2,500 for ground school) Call about corporate housing options 830-584-7977. We have accommodation in the $800.00 a month range that can be set up for any amount of time required.



Call us for information on United States Housing accommodations.
AAA offers accommodation & transport for the overseas students.

  • $200 per bed per week. (2 people per sleeping room two sleeping rooms per apartment).
  •  Call 830-584-7058 for more details.

Apartments and other living accommodations are available in the area and can be sourced directly by the student after they’ve lived in VT AAA supplied housing if they desire.


There will be shuttle services available for the cadets to transport them to and from their houses to the flight academy. Additionally, transportation will also be provided to the Supermarkets for cadets to get their daily necessities and groceries.

$300 USD student per month for transport.


Cadets are advised to have sufficient funding to support themselves during training at the overseas flight academy. Costs range from $1,800.00 a month on up depending transportation, insurance, and other expenses.

Once the student has filled out the VT Aviation Academy flight training application and submitted it online to VT Aviation Academy of America, there are two items they need to complete quickly to finish their enrollment and international requirements to train with AAA.

1. Confirmation that the potential student has started their visa application. Student visa website

2. Confirmation that the student has applied online at the TSA site to complete their background check and flight training approval. TSA flight school candidates

Once they’ve started these two processes, they will need to let us know. We will set up a phone call for the required down payment to ensure enrollment in the upcoming flight training class.

Also on the enrollment phone call, we will help them create a checklist of other items needed to complete to start their flight training with us.

Need help now with any items? Call us at (830)584-7058 and ask for admissions.




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