Class dates February 5, 2018 and March 5, 2018.
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Small UAS Professional Pilot


Shortest time to a career at zero to 6 months the small UAS professional Pilot program includes 100 flight hours and 20 hours for your sUAS Certificate.  Your training is the crew type training, the Ab Initio training we offer in our other PPCP.

sUAS Pilot Program

Your Flight Training Course details

  • Private Single & Instrument
  • 125 Hours Logged Flight Time
    • 100 Hours Single-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
    • 25 Hours sUAS (multi-rotor & fixed wing) Pilot-in-Command Certification
    • 25 Hours Simulator / Mission Planning
  • All Classroom & Individual Ground Instruction
    • Private Pilot Ground School
    • Aviation Weather
    • Aircraft Systems
    • Instrument Pilot Ground School
    • Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems sUAS (55 lbs and Under)
    • Introduction to FAA Section 333 Waiver
    • Remote Sensing and Imagery
    • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot and Payload Operator
  • Aircraft Manuals, Training Syllabus & Checklists
  • All Pre- and Post-Flight Briefings
How the Program Works
  1. With commercial drone operations always in view and total immersion training from day one, you will graduate from AAA’s sUAS (Drone) Pilot Program in just six months (from zero time), earning your Private Pilot License with an Instrument rating and Pilot-in-Command (PIC) certificate.
  2. After graduating the sUAS (Drone) Pilot Program, AAA you will have logged enough flight time to meet the hiring minimums for most Section 333 operators and be ready to take the next step in your professional sUAS (drone) pilot career.
  3. AAA will introduce you to our bridge partners who are hiring in the sUAS industry. These include existing commercial operators conducting aerial work such as wind turbine blade inspections, pipeline inspections, cell tower inspections, flare stack inspections and refineries just to name a few.


AAA’s fixed cost pricing includes flight training in excess of FAA Part 141 minimums to provide a realistic amount of training required by most pilots. Logged flight times may vary slightly due to flight check times and other considerations.

The following additional costs are not included in your fixed price:

  • Examiners’ fees of approximately $800 (paid in cash to examiner)
  • iPad, Headset, Flight Bag & other pilot gear that you will need (purchased separately)
  • Third Party iPad Apps

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