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Upcoming Start Dates
March 4, 2019
April 1, 2019

Main Number (830)584-7058
San Antonio area Locations
1806 Entrance Drive, New Braunfels, TX
900 Vandenberg Road, Hondo TX
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CFI Jobs – Entry Level Pilot Jobs

Work with Us! Guaranteed CFI job interview with VT AAA

As a student, after your initial training, you are guaranteed one of the certified flight instructors jobs*. Then as a CFI at VT AAA, you will have the opportunity to build your resume and gain the flight hours required by airline recruiters. Working as a flight instructor is how you create your professional career path to the airlines, not only training with us but also working with us!

As a current flight instructor or a student who needs to finish your training, here is a link to our CFI jobs page.

VT AAA Certified Flight Instructor Pay and Benefits

  • CFI-Instrument multi-engine Salary is $40,000 base plus $10/hr flight pay
  • Plus benefits! Including insurance and vacation time.
  • Tuition reimbursement from AAA partnered airlines.
  • Job placement advantages through AAA network of partnered airlines.

The training is in a desirable location thirty minutes west of San Antonio, in Hondo, TX and other locations across Texas. The school site offers an abundance of good weather, a 2600 acre airport with an expansive open sky. Inexpensive housing close to the airport and an affordable cost of living.

Apply now a class to start training and get certified as an instructor for the job at VT AAA. This is your career path to the regional and national airlines as a pilot, and it focuses on getting the flight hours, getting paid and moving up!

What VT AAA Certified Flight Instructors can expect

  • An accumulation of hours with an average of 100 a month.
  • Incentive pays instructors for each flight at $10/hour.
  • Instructors receive $100 bonus per student who pass checkrides first attempt.
  • All aircraft equipped with Garmin GPS avionics suite including G500 and G1000 and Spider Controls.
  • All training conducted under FAA Part 141 with industry-leading safety management system.

*All future CFI’s need to complete and pass a corporate interview

CFI requirements
a. All prior training leading to CFI job offer needs to be passed successfully, and the candidate needs to have demonstrated a professional demeanor and the attitude to be a safe and knowledgeable instructor.
b. Pass a background check and written hiring policies required by FAA, Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, Airline or any other governmental department, administration, or agency.

Train with us!

Work with us!

Dream with us!

You should call today or submit an application and get started on the career path that is right for you. 830-584-7058


“Guarantee Job Interview Eligibility
Our student pilot graduates must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for a guaranteed instructor interview:
Demonstrate professionalism, adherence to all SOP’s, and demonstrate the highest safety standards at all times.
Attend all scheduled training events on time and meet knowledge test deadlines
Fail no more than two checkrides (three or more checkride failures will prevent your eligibility for a guaranteed instructor job interview)
Possess a clean background check of a minimum of ten years as required for any airline position”