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October 2, 2018
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Pilot School Tuition Cost

Tuition cost estimate for Pilot Programs is $68,500.

This program offers a tuition reimbursement from our bridge partners airlines for up to $11,000 back once you become an airline employee. 

Call Admissions at (830)423-4664 for details on the application and the cost to become a pilot.

The VT AAA Professional Pilot Career program takes you from:

 Zero to Commercial Pilot License and Certified Flight Instructor in 12 to 15 Months. 

Zero Experience to regional Airline Pilot in Just Two Years!

 VT AAA is your airline, cargo, or any other pilot career solution with benefits such as:

  • Private through Commercial Multi-Engine with CFI training program
  • Airline-Oriented Training from Day One
  • A true estimate of Pilot Training Cost in a realistic Time Frame
  • Pilot Recruiting Events During Training every month with our regional airline bridge program partners
  • Guaranteed Instructor job – your path to Reach Airline Minimums
    Earning up to $42,000 annually PLUS airline tuition reimbursement opportunities based on interviews and which airline. Starting pay is $ 32k.
  • $11,000 in Airline Sponsored Flight School Tuition reimbursement from many regional airlines. Plus many other incentives
  • Please call us to learn more about the differences between each regional airline’s hiring incentives. Recent incentives include in some cases higher tuition reimbursement and bonus sign on that just about reimburse you for your training.

Your Flight Training Course Includes

  • Private Single Engine & Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Multi & Instrument Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating 
  • 255 Hours Logged Flight Time
    • 90 Hours Single-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
    • 20 Hours Multi-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
    • 50 Hours Simulator (FTD)
    • 120 Commercial
  • 270 required hours for training with 255 hours logged flight time

The professional pilot career program costs 

  • $68,500 plus ground school materials, checkrides, pre and post flight instructor briefings, and tests
  • $1,500 down payment to hold your spot in the class. $500 is for processing and $1000 toward your flight training.
  • This is the best offer in the industry for real private pilot licenses to commercial and CFI training!
  • The program takes about 12 to 15 months to complete.
  • Fly as often as possible to maintain the level of competency needed to stay proficient.
  • The Guaranteed Instructor job base pay is $32,000 with bonuses and other cash incentives and full benefits (about $52k total a year).
  • CFI job works so you can accumulate the required airline pilot hours.
  • VT AAA also takes the initiative to connect you with one of our regional airline partners or any other regional airline or private airline.

What’s Not Included in the Price estimate. 

VT AAA ’s estimate includes flight training in excess of FAA Part 141 minimums to provide a realistic amount of training required by most pilots. It is based industry average flight time it takes to finish the program. Logged flight times may vary for each student and you should add 10% cost due to flight check times, and other considerations. This estimate doesn’t include the 30 minutes (pre and post flight) of a briefing per flight.

The following additional costs are not included in your fixed price:

  • Examiners’ fees of approximately $2,500 (paid in cash to the examiner)
  • iPad, Headset, Flight Bag & other pilot gear that you will need (purchased separately)
  • Third Party iPad Apps

Two ways to submit your application.

  • Speak with a VTAAA admissions representative, for questions or more guidance. 830-423-6446
  • Fill out the online application.

2018 Bridge Partner’s example

ExpressJet: preferred school program.

Interview early for a conditional job offer, Guaranteed Job after program completion, mentorship by an ExpressJet pilot, special perks and programs exclusively available to PSP including internships. ExpressJet PSP

Requirements: Join the PSP program, complete PSP testing after earning your instrument rating and receive a conditional job offer, Maintain good grades and a clean record, Gain experience as a CFI to meet your ATP or R-ATP required hours, complete an application at expressjet.com/apply when you’re within six months of reaching our minimums.

We also have partnerships with Trans State Airlines, Republic Airlines, SkyWest, Compass, and GoJet.

To learn more about the bridge partners perks, pay, routes and Homebase locations, call our admissions office.

Two ways to submit your application to VT AAA today!

  • Speak with an AAA admissions representative, for questions or more guidance. 830-423-6446
  • Fill out the online application.

International Tuition costs Professional Pilot Career Fixed Tuition $54,995 (International self-sponsored students) 

  • Zero through CPL ME IR in about 12 to 15 months.
  • Living expenses are not included in tuition. Check with admissions for current costs.

International Professional Pilot Program (intended for foreign nationals) details: 

Your Flight Training Course Includes

  • Private Single & Instrument
  • Commercial Multi & Instrument
  • 255 Hours Logged Flight Time
    • 170 Hours Single-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
    • 35 Hours Multi-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks ** includes the Instrument rating
    • 50 Hours Simulator (FTD)
  • All Classroom & Individual Ground Instruction
  • Aircraft Manuals, Training Syllabus & Checklists
  • All Pre- and Post-Flight Briefings

More About Your Training

  • AAA’s International Professional Pilot Program (IPPP)  commercial pilot school gets you the most qualifications in the best complex multi-engine aircraft, with the best airline-oriented flight training.
  • Recommended for students who already have an established a relationship with a local flight school in your home country to help you through your conversion training. AAA’s Pilot Training in the USA for International Students is the most efficient and “shortest time to train” commercial pilot training you can receive anywhere in the world. The total-immersion training maximizes your knowledge and skill retention.
  • Do you hold a green card and are you interested in working as a flight instructor for AAA?…Call for details!

Two ways to submit your application.

  • Speak with an AAA admissions representative, for questions or more guidance. 830-584-7058
  • Fill out the online application.

2018 Flight Training Scholarship information link

2018 AOPA scholarship page



VA Funding Disclaimer:

All students, including those seeking to fund from the VA, are responsible for paying their own flight school costs. It is also each students’ responsibility to pay on time to keep their flight account up to date.

If a student is attending more than one training or school program it is up to the student to inform VT AAA. Students will be held accountable for all costs incurred.

Only the Charter College program is set up for VT AAA to operate as the secondary school, no other VA funding is provided to the student if the student designates VT AAA as a secondary school under any other program. This means that either VT AAA is set as the primary training program school or Charter College is the primary school with VT AAA operating as the flight lab/secondary school for VA to cover flight costs.
If VT AAA is the primary training program VT AAA cannot start training before the VA funding arrives unless the student.

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