Financing Commercial Pilot Training

Brown Leasing ROI pilot training infographic

For every dollar spent on pilot education,  you can potentially have a lifetime earning $33.


This according to Brown Aviation Leas company, this is a better return than a teacher, lawyer or even a doctor.


  • Make sure you setup financing you can sustain throughout your training.
  • Work with the flight school you’ll be attending to make sure you have money in your account before each testing period. Best advice to avoid running over altogether, you should look for a fixed price program.
  • Find a school such as the Aviation Academy; that offers a fixed price rate program. Ask the potential schools upfront how they address this.
  • It’s even better to talk to current students or those that have already graduated about their experience.


If you starting at zero, it should be clear to you before signing up with a school what the total costs will be for the complete program.   Our Tuition costs page!

Asking means you confirm more than how much you need to pay up front and 1st day of class.  Many schools underestimate the number of flight hours you need for training.  250 flight hours is where you should land after PPL and CFI job.

250 flight hours is a good number to use but make sure you’re going to a fixed price school just in case you need more!



Scholarships available: AOPA and WIA are two sites you should look at for scholarships available today. The best thing about scholarships, you don’t have to pay them back. The hard thing about scholarships, the application process has deadlines and requires a lot of thought into why you want to become a pilot or need the scholarship.  Don’t let that stop you, be honest and make sure you add your personal story and what school you’d like to attend and why! Be sure to adhere strictly to their deadlines.  It’s a test of sorts on how well you can follow directions and how much effort you’re willing to put into applying! This means that you are highly likely to get a scholarship if you just do what they ask.  We can help you, so call us to request scholarship help.

Personal loans

There are also other financing options such as Pilot Financing.  It’s easier to acquire, but you have to start paying it off right away, the first month of class!  How is this going to work for you if you don’t have income coming in?  Will you get help from your parents or a relative?  Will you use scholarship funds?  Although working while you’re going to school might seem okay, there is are better ways!

Aviation Education organizations such as Charter School in California have financing available that also applies to the actual flight training.  Traditional college funding is the most progressive type of financing fitting most students. This kind of funding is something we highly recommend for our students.

You can also ask your relatives or other parents if they can fund your school.  The case you can plead with them is that flight school is not just a degree on a piece paper but a career.

Payment structure example.

At VT AAA  flight school the cost for the training for the full professional pilot program is about $65,800*.   To start there is an application fee of $1,500 to save your spot and $5000.00 first payment for the PPL.  You should count on spending at least $5,000 a month with an average of 5 flights a week.

You can call us today and ask for student aid to find out how we can help you with funding your pilot career! There is a 100% program financing available for qualified students. Call 830.423-4664 to learn more about the Wells Fargo Collegiate loan.

Final Observation

* $80,000 for flight training is about 12 to 15 months of training and includes PPL, IR, Commercial, ME Add-on, and CFI. 255 hours of both flight time and simulator time. This doesn’t include other expenses such as FAA checkrides and pilot uniforms, headsets, or books and iPad/tablets.

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