Finance Pilot Training


The professional pilot career program costs 

  • $59,995 plus ground school materials, checkrides and tests and living expenses.
  • With our tuition reimbursement and it’s $49,995.
  • $1,500 down payment to hold your spot in class.
  • The amount to bring the first day of class, only the $13,995 for the private pilot module.
  • Fly as often as possible to get the $36.36 per flight tuition reimbursement, back.
  • This can help pay off loans and expenses.
  • This is the best offer in the industry for real private to commercial and CFI training!
  • The program takes about 12 to 15 months to complete.
  • The Guaranteed Instructor job base pay is $42,000 with bonuses and other cash incentives and full benefits (about $52k a year).
  • CFI job works so well for entry level pilots because it is how you accumulate the required airline pilot hours.
  • AAA also takes the initiative to connect you with one of our regional airline partners.

Payments due for each module before the checkride.

  • Private Pilot License costs $13,885
  • Instrument rating cost $9,880
  • Commercial Pilot License cost $26,345
  • Multi Engine Add-on cost $5,715
  • CFI training  costs $4,880

sUAS career your costs and details to help Finance Pilot Training.

  • The cost is $17,085 plus and living expenses.
  • About six months of living expenses at $800 a month for corporate housing, $1000 a month to cover other costs and a one-time $2,500 cost for ground school.
  • This does include the private license program and trains you for the Remote pilot certificate.
  • There is also an interview set up with bridge partners such as HUVR for hiring future drone pilots!

Loans as a way to Finance Pilot Training!

There are many organizations that can supply a loan to finance your pilot training!

You can go to your bank or your parent’s bank and get a personal loan.
You should finance the amount you need to pay for school and also living expenses!

Here are options that we can recommend


The Aspire Credit Union

2016 AOPA 

More Information on the pilot life including pilot financing at

You can also find helpful information on Welcome to the Aviation Schools Online network


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