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September 10, 2018
October 1, 2018
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Finance Pilot Training

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Finance Pilot Training

What are the costs to finance pilot training?

The professional pilot career program costs 

To finance pilot training you first have to know the costs!

  • $68,500 plus ground school materials, checkrides and tests and living expenses is the complete picture of what you will need to finance pilot training.
  • $1,500 down payment to hold your spot in a class. $500 is for processing and $1000 toward flight training.
  • The amount to bring the first day of class is $13,585 for the private pilot module or the cost for the program that your starting.
  • This is the best offer in the industry for real private to commercial and CFI training!
  • The program takes about 12 to 15 months to complete.
  • Fly as often as possible to maintain the level of competency needed to stay proficient.
  • The Guaranteed Instructor job base pay is $32,000 with bonuses and other cash incentives and full benefits (about $52k a year).
  • CFI job works so you can accumulate the required airline pilot hours.
  • VT AAA also takes the initiative to connect you with one of our regional airline partners.
  • Private Pilot License costs $13,585.00
  • Instrument rating cost $9,880.00
  • Commercial Pilot License cost $26,345.00
  • Multi-Engine Add-on cost $5,715.00
  • CFI training  costs $7,200.00
  • Most flights are 1.2 hours, and the above-quoted costs are based on industry average times it takes for students to learn the training and don’t include the cost for pre and post-briefing.
  • You should add 10% more costs just in case you need to have additional lessons or briefings.

Financing Flight Training *

Remember to Finance pilot training, you Pay as you go and don’t forget to include living expenses!

Here are options

Finance pilot training with VA Funding   

VA FAQ for Post 911 GI Bill 

VA Funding Disclaimers and important information below.

Loans as a way to Finance Pilot Training!

There are many organizations that can supply a loan to finance your pilot training!


The Aspire Credit Union**

More Information on the pilot life including pilot financing at

2018 AOPA 

You can also find helpful information on Welcome to the Aviation Schools Online Network

Aviation Schools Online*

Free Lending Tree* guide for personal loans.

This link gives you a chance to compare lenders. LendingTree offers people considering flight school the possibility to receive personal loan offers from multiple lenders with a single form. The interest rates on these loans are almost always lower than credit cards and most people receive the money directly in their bank accounts within a matter of days.  Even if consumers don’t choose one of the offered loans, Lending Tree’s service is completely free and will help them comparison shop with other financing services*.

 * These examples of types of financing are not endorsements but instead are only examples of options and the possible types of financing available. 

***VA Funding Disclaimer

All students, including those seeking to fund from the VA, are responsible for paying their flight school costs. It is also each students’ responsibility to pay on time to keep their flight account up to date.

If a student is attending more than one training or school program, it is up to the student to inform VT AAA. Students will be held accountable for all costs incurred.

Only the Charter College program is set up for VT AAA to operate as the secondary school; no other VA funding is provided to the student if the student designates VT AAA as a secondary school under any other program. This means that either VT AAA is set as the primary training program school or Charter College is a primary school with VT AAA operating as the flight lab/secondary school for VA to cover flight costs.

If VT AAA is the primary training program, VT AAA cannot start training before the VA funding arrives unless the student.


“Guarantee Job Interview Eligibility
Our student pilot graduates must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for a guaranteed instructor interview:
Demonstrate professionalism, adherence to all SOP’s, and demonstrate the highest safety standards at all times.
Attend all scheduled training events on time and meet knowledge test deadlines
Fail no more than two checkrides (three or more checkride failures will prevent your eligibility for guaranteed instructor job interview)
Posses a clean background check of a minimum of ten years as required for any airline position”

"It takes time, resources and a drive to finish but the effort and the costs are well worth it because it's a career like no other and it has the potential to change your life," Dena Lackey, VT AAA Marketing Manager.