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Financing Flight Training 

There are many financing options choose the one that is right for you!

Private Student Loan

A Wells Fargo Collegiate® student loan may help you pay for the costs associated with your professional and commercial flight training program.1

Eligible students may receive:

  • • No payments until you graduate or leave school2
  • No application, origination, or early repayment fees
  • • Competitive fixed or variable interest rate options
  • Funds up to the cost of education minus other financial aid3
  • • A quick and easy application process
  • Wells Fargo’s best-in-class service from initial application through the last payment

A cosigner may help you qualify for a private student loan and potentially get a lower interest rate but is not required to apply.

Borrowers may request an aviation internship forbearance that would temporarily postpone monthly payments while completing their flight training hours4.  Individuals qualifying for the aviation internship forbearance are able to postpone monthly payments up to 24 months after completing school.

When it comes to financing your education, be sure to look at all of your options – including grants, scholarships, and loans from all sources – and make careful comparisons among all your choices. If you determine that a private student loan is right for you, we can provide loans to help meet the needs of nearly every student.

For more information you can call 1-877-451-5039.


1. Wells Fargo private student loans are subject to credit qualification, completion of a loan application/consumer credit agreement, verification of application information and, if applicable, a self-certification form, the school’s certification of loan amount, and the student’s enrollment at a Wells Fargo-participating school.

2. Students are not required to make payments while in school; repayment begins 6 months after you graduate or leave school. The maximum in-school period is 7 years after the date of first disbursement. Interest accrues during any deferment periods, including the in-school period, and is capitalized to the loan upon entering repayment.

3. Loan amount is dependent on the loan product, other financial aid, creditworthiness, and other factors. Aggregate and annual loan limits apply.  The cost of attendance is determined and certified by the educational institution.

4. Interest continues to accrue during any forbearance period and will be capitalized to the account upon entering repayment.

Pay as you train personal loans



Put your loan to work right now and get on your way as a better trained, more proficient pilot.


The Aspire Credit Union

A personal loan is a great resource to help you with smaller purchases or unexpected needs that come up at different times in your life. Aspire FCU offers competitive rates, flexible terms and affordable payments!

Personal Loan – A higher credit limit provides the cash you need.



Everything you need to know about our finance programs, finding a school and the easy application process is right here. We recommend taking a few minutes to review all of the FAQs. They will clearly and simply address every aspect of your experience. We want to put you in the pilot’s seat as quickly and easily as possible.

Military Funding

VA Funding Link

VA FAQ for Post 911 GI Bill 

VA Funding Disclaimers and essential information below.

You can also find helpful information online at these sites

Aviation Schools Online*

Free Lending Tree* guide for personal loans. This link gives you a chance to compare lenders.

LendingTree offers people considering flight school the possibility to receive private loan offers from multiple lenders with a single form. The interest rates on these loans are almost always lower than credit cards, and most people accept the money directly in their bank accounts within a matter of days.  Even if consumers don’t choose one of the offered loans, Lending Tree’s service is entirely free and will help them comparison shop with other financing services*.



* These examples of financing are not endorsements but instead are examples of options of the possible types of funding available.

***VA Funding Disclaimer: All students, including those seeking to fund from the VA, are responsible for paying their flight school costs. It is also each students’ responsibility to pay on time to keep their flight account up to date.

If a student is attending more than one training or school program, it is up to the student to inform VT AAA. Students will be held accountable for all costs incurred.

If VT AAA is the primary training program, VT AAA cannot start training before the VA funding arrives unless the student.

"It takes time, resources and a drive to finish but the effort and the costs are well worth it because it's a career like no other and it has the potential to change your life," Dena Lackey, VT AAA Marketing Manager.