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Professional Pilot Training Process

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To Become a Pilot Train with us!

To Become a pilot, first, get the right training for your career goals. The proven way to become a pilot for an airline, for example, is to equip yourself with airline based flight training from the start. Our pilot training is what many hiring managers want to see on a resume.

Here is the list of commercial pilot training attributes that recruiters value!

  • Airline crew leadership training
  • Individual instruction and mentoring
  • Structured teaching from a FAA part 141 Flight School
  • Proven integrity and reliability
  • High flight hours: 250 & a CFI for an airline interview, 1,500 total hours to be hired

VT AAA offers the training listed above, financing, scholarships, and alliances to build the pilot career of your dreams. We offer a 10% discount to military and VT AAA is a VA benefits approved academy. For more information on career options and financing, contact us for an info session @ (830)423-4664.


Here are some images you can use to build the case for obtaining a scholarship, loan or asking for help financing your training private pilot or commercial pilot school! You don’t have to do that alone!

  • We can help you discover the finance options available to you as an individual.
  • Work with your admission officer for tuition reimbursement from AAA hiring bridge partner alliances.
  • We offer a 10% discount to military, and we are VA benefits approved academy. Learn more about financing in this blog post.


    To enroll you will need the following:

    • Letter of Eligibility
    • a non-expired U.S. passport or Birth Certificate for TSA clearance
    • all college transcripts (if applicable)
    • DD214
    • Valid Class II Medical Certificate

    Apply for benefits

    Helpful Q & A page

    Call 830.423.4664 for VT AAA admissions for help on VA requirements.


Work with us!

Obtain your flight hours fast, and get paid. 

  • Once you finish your training to become a pilot, we hire you as a flight instructor with us.
  • We guarantee a job as a flight instructor if you do well in your training.
  • You will need to pass your tests and pass our interview.
  • Learn more, fill out our info request form and ask about the guaranteed CFI Job.
  • CFI get about 80 to 100 hours of flight time a month with VT AAA.

Dream with us!

Our Regional Airline and sUAS bridge partners want to interview and hire our students. 

VT AAA offers

  • Interviews with regional airline bridge partners including SkyWest, Republic, ExpressJet, GoJet, Trans State, Compass, and much more.
  • We also help with Fedex and UPS regional freight airlines and business jets along with others.
  • Call today or submit an application to build your path to becoming a pilot. 830-423-6446 you can also go to our Bridge partners page, for more information.


  • Class Dates:   First week of each month.
  • We have a great Admissions office that can help you create your pathway program to become a pilot. Admissions direct line is 830-423-4664. Call today to start your dream of flying!
  • Due to export compliance laws and regulations, some countries might have a ban or require a license that might affect training. Please consult with our legal department for more information
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Current student

The VT Aviation Academy of America Flight School offers great training for those who want to become a career pilot especially for those who's career path is to an airline!