Become a Pilot


Become a Pilot


First, get the right training. The proven way to become a successful pilot is to equip yourself with airline based training from the start under the guidance of ex-airline pilot CFIs. Our training, the Ab initio training method, is what hiring managers at regional, and national carriers want. Plus sUAS businesses are looking for in their pilots . 

Here is the list of training attributes that recruiters value!

  • Ab Initio training
  • Structured curriculum from a 141 Flight School. (gets you finished faster, generally)
  • Airline crew leadership training.
  • Individual instruction and mentoring.
  • Proven integrity and reliability.
  • Aviation degree or some college.
  • High flight hours: 250 & a CFI for an airline interview, 1,500 to be hired.
  • The right Licenses and Certificates for sUAS and all commercial pilot careers.

AAA offers the training listed above, help finding your financing, and scholarships. We offer our students special career connections with our pilot hiring alliances to put you on the path to the pilot career of your dreams.

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Career Options

Second, understand your career options and pick one that best suits you. You should choose a school that trains based on your goal. Becoming a pilot is a glamorous, exciting, and highly rewarding job but it takes dedication with long-term goals in mind.

AAA Programs provide four career options:

  • Passenger Airline Pilot
  • Cargo Airline Pilot
  • Corporate/Charter/Private Pilot
  • sUAS Pilot (small unmanned aerial systems operations under 55 lbs.)

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Student Application

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Obtain your flight hours fast and cheap

Third, work at logging flight hours. Our Regional airline and sUAS bridge partners want to interview and hire our students. You have options to gain the required hours to fly for airlines, but for airline bound students your CFI option is the best because it continues your training and hours. Plus best of all – you get paid for flight time. Nothing beats that!

For sUAS pilot career-bound students, you can get to your goal quicker by training with us. Six months to a Private pilot license with instrument rating which is about 100 hours flight time. At the same time you gain 20 hours of sUAS training for your FAA test certification.

Our students are guaranteed a job with AAA after 12 to 15 months of training as a Certified Flight Instructor.  Here are details on our guarantee job offer for students.

Financing your Pilot Training

Fourth, build the business case for obtaining a scholarship, loan or asking for help financing for your training! Knowing that you’re not just receiving a piece of paper or just a certificate but instead, a lifelong career makes it easier to prove to others that you are an excellent candidate for financial help. You can’t do that alone.

We can help you discover the finance options available to you as an individual.

Work with your CFI mentor for tuition reimbursement from AAA hiring bridge partner alliances. Call 830-584-7058 today or submit an application and get started on the career path that is right for you.

For more information about financing! 

Call today or submit an application and get started on the career path that is right for you. 830-584-7058

Start Dates / Class Schedule

Our next start date is July 5th, 2017. Contact us today for more information about your future career in aviation.

Other Class Dates: September 6th, January 9, 2017, and March 6th, 2017

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