Vaayu Training - Aviation Academy of America Texas Locations - VT AAA Flight School

Program Financing available
Upcoming Start Dates
March 4, 2019
April 1, 2019

Main Number (830)584-7058
San Antonio area Locations
1806 Entrance Drive, New Braunfels, TX
900 Vandenberg Road, Hondo TX
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Vaayu Training – Aviation Academy of America Texas Locations

VT AAA Flight School

Vaayu-Group Company

Admissions: 830-423-4664

VT AAA San Antonio, TX area locations.

Hondo, TX

  • 900 Vandenberg Road, Hondo, TX 78661 (830)584-7058 main number
  • The VT AAA Flight School headquarters is thirty miles west of San Antonio, in Hondo, Texas.
  • This is our training base for international and South Texas students.

New Braunfels, TX 

  • 1806 Entrance Road, New Braunfels, TX 78130 (830)584-7058 main number
  • The New Braunfels Aviation Academy of America ( flight school location is open for Part 61 and Part 141 training, today.
  • We take US students starting at zero or those who want to finish their PPL, IR, ME and CFI  Training along with flight instructors who want to work for us and finish their training for CFII MEI.
  • VT-AAA is accepting applications for 2018 and 2019 classes for the professional pilot programs.

Why should you choose VT AAA as your commercial pilot training?

VT Aviation Academy of America has a strong foundation for stability and a high level of proficiency training pilots with the best methods, technology, and instructors. That and because of our combined attributes of being an international company and a US FAA part 141 academy, makes us above the rest of the flight schools in the area.

With VT- AAA, we offer the best of both worlds, a one-on-one personalized culture combined with professional company resources and facilities for safety and the best technology, industry connections, and Ab-Initio instruction.

With the different locations, we can offer instruction for both beginners and experienced students preparing them for professional pilot careers who are confident enough to dream big.


Our fleet is also ideal for new and experienced pilots who want the best training on the latest technology to track and guide students with an airline like instrumentation.

Classes offered

Right now! We are gearing up for the next class of Professional Pilot Program. A new class starts on the first Monday of each month.

More about our company affiliations!

We are a part of the Vaayu-Group of companies.

Stable foundation to help build a robust business model for growth

Three ways to submit your application or obtain information on financing and classroom/flight instruction.

1. Speak with a VT AAA admissions representative or flight instructor, if you just have questions or need more guidance. (830)-584-7058

2. Fill out the online application request.

3. Request more information about any of the programs, school, instructor position, and fleet or safety procedures by calling (830)-423-4664.

4. Schedule a tour or discovery flight with Scott Hanson at (830)423-4664.


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